Susan Kidd - Project Lead - Associate - encompas

Susan Kidd

Susan came to encompas as a Project Manager after almost a decade working as an interior designer at Kansas City design firms. She soon recognized a hole in our business development - the government sector - and with her go-getter attitude, pitched her case for going after the business herself as a Project Lead. Susan's love of efficiency and complex, challenging projects has since made her our government guru, successfully cutting through the red tape and untangling the sticky language and requirements that come hand-and-hand with GSA. But she's not all business; Susan is one mighty talented seamstress, and has been skydiving not once, but TWICE. 

ONE THING SHE CANNOT DO WITHOUT: An orange soda every day at 10:00am.

Susan's Contact Information
p (816) 285-6467
f (816) 300-1123
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