Sarah Lair

Sarah has been in the industry for over 12 years and there’s truly no stopping her ‘can-do’ attitude! From her experience as a project manager for LK Architecture, where she focused on constructing new Walmart facilities and expansions to focusing on interiors for hotels, project prototypes, and custom designs, she has the experience to take your project to the next level. What’s her worst habit, you might ask? Easy, she says that ‘chocolate is life!’ and that she always consumes way too much of it! However, we beg to differ, that seems like an excellent habit to have! When she’s not perfecting your space, she can be found working on projects around her house. She loves making something from nothing, so she’s also an avid baker! 

HER ONE WISH: More wishes! Or she’d love 6 months of vacation time per year!

Sarah's Contact Information
p (316) 285-1766
f  (316) 448-0428
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