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Sarah Kesler

You probably don't know the true meaning of the word “particular” until you meet Sarah, the girl who always puts her left shoe on first no matter what and sorts her M&M's by color before she eats them. And although that’s pretty strange, this predisposition to notice the details and complete tasks systematically is what allows Sarah to excel in her role as Project Manager. Her love of problem solving and creating new spaces keeps Sarah motivated while working with clients such as Cerner, and Commerce Bank. Sarah’s unceasing positive attitude translates into her work immensely, making her projects run smooth and seamlessly. Sarah graduated from Kansas State University with Honors, where she earned her Bachelor of Interior Design. 

WHAT SHE WANTS TO BE WHEN SHE GROWS UP: The person who comes up with Crayola Color names.

Sarah's Contact Information
p (816) 285-6481
f  (816) 300-1123
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