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Workplace Consulting

Workplace Strategy Icon

Workplace strategy

The workplace today is in a constant state of change and each organization needs to be prepared to deal with revolutions that are fast approaching. The Millennial generation will soon make up over 50% of the work force, technology advances are blurring the line between work and home life, and new research is showing startling statistics about employee disengagement, stress levels, and toxic workers threatening to kill your bottom line. With over fifty years of combined experience, our principals drive important discussions about workplace culture, trends, research, and business objectives to make sure your strategy is aligned with your desired outcomes. These topics often include:

  • Change Management

  • Sustainability & LEED

  • WELL Building

  • Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Workstyles

  • Organizational Culture

Planning & Design

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Space Planning

With ever-shrinking real estate footprints and the increased rate of organizational change, the need to efficiently and effectively use your space is critical. Our project managers listen to your company’s needs & goals and are able to visualize in 4D where furniture needs to go in order to implement proper circulation patterns, support productive workflow and processes, create acoustical and visual privacy where necessary, and allow for flexibility to accommodate the future needs of your space.

Budgeting Icon


Nobody wants to get halfway through a project and realize they're over budget and out of money, unable to purchase the necessary furniture and equipment for their space. We can help you set an accurate budget years ahead of a project, allowing you to fundraise or allocate existing money appropriately so when the project actually gets here there are no surprises. Our strategic manufacturer relationships give us access to a breadth of product that can accommodate budgets of all sizes, whether you're a startup or on the Fortune 500, and our extensive product knowledge allows us to make sure you get top value out of each dollar you spend.

Product-Finish Selection & Specification

Product/Finish selection & Specification

As degreed Interior Designers, we bring a unique design perspective to the specification of your furniture that increases cost savings, functionality performance, and aesthetics. We create detailed plan layouts, specifications sheets, and rendered 3D images to communicate all your options and ensure the details of the design are correctly represented so the end product meets your expectations.


Contract Negotiations Icon


With access to several purchasing organizations, encompas can help you leverage your buying power to obtain the best discounting on your furniture. Whether it is healthcare, higher education, city, county, or Federal government, you can rest assured that we are providing you with the best value possible for your project. 

Vendor Relations Icon


Although we have access to hundreds of different manufacturers, we choose to align ourselves with the best lines on the market - in design, quality, and service. The trust we've developed with these partners streamlines the communication process, giving us quick access to more accurate information to get you what you need fast.

Order Placement & Acknowledgement Icon


The average workstation is made up of hundreds of parts and pieces, and each have to be added to an order individually to create the tailored piece of furniture you desire. Our project manager thoroughly examine all these order details through our "triple-check" system to help minimize errors and ensure the product delivered to your site is the product you want.

Project Management

Project Management Icon


Our project managers are experts at making a project happen with minimal bumps along the way. They'll be there from the initial project meeting all the way through the final walk-through keeping you up-to-date with status reports and putting out any fires that might come up. 

  • Site Verification

  • Project Planning Meetings

  • Schedule Coordination

  • Project Status Reports

  • Order Tracking

  • Installation Documents & Renderings

  • Punch Completion


Furniture and Moveable Wall Installation Icon


We have developed close partnerships with local union and non-union companies that we contract with based upon the specific need of the customer and project. Additionally, we offer in-house installation services on projects of smaller scope.  We utilize the same partnerships we have developed for our office furniture installations.  We also offer in house moveable wall installation services on projects of smaller scope.

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With all the technology used in the workplace today, from phones and laptops to multiple monitors and height-adjustable tables, it can be tricky to organize all the wires that power our tools in an aesthetically pleasing way. Let our trained service staff manage your cables in the way that makes sense for your furniture setup. After all, why invest money on pretty furniture if it’s just going to be cloaked with a messy tangle of cords?

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Moving your employees into your new space can be hectic, and usually involve a ton of questions. Our team can be on site during your move in to answer all your needs and help your employees transition into their new space smoothly.

Support Services

Storage icon


Need some extra storage space? We operate a storage and receiving warehouse in North Kansas City. With over 13,000 square feet of secured space, we are able to meet your storage needs. In terms of projects, delays sometimes occur. Should this happen, product can be stored in our warehouse until the site is ready. Whatever the case may be, our dedicated team will ensure all your storage needs are taken care of.

Inventory Management Icon

inventory management

Haworth provides its customers with an online resource, called Mosaic, which can be customized to a customer's unique online needs. With Mosaic, you have a secured online portal that works seamlessly with encompas and Haworth sales support representatives to let you view furniture standards, plan spaces, initiate work order requests, manage assets, procure product online, run business reports, and more in real time. 

Warranty & Ongoing Maintenance Icon


We know you expect your furniture to last a lifetime and we expect the same. When it doesn't, we are here to help get your investments back to performing their best. Our dedicated client service specialists and trained technicians are your advocates, working with the product manufacturers to repair or replace any products that need attention - from broken chairs and nicked wood to locked file cabinets and damaged upholstery. We can even offer short or long term maintenance agreements designed to keep your furniture looking as fresh as the day it was installed. 

Furniture Disposal & Repurpose Icon

Furniture Disposal / RE-PURPOSE

Sometimes your organization will come across furniture that you no longer want or need. As your furniture partner, let us take these assets off your hands and arrange for their reuse by other organizations. If the product is too old or worn to be re-purposed, we can even ensure they are recycled into new, usable products or properly disposed of. All this helps keep unnecessary office equipment from going into the landfill.  

End User Training Icon


Ergonomic equipment like monitor arms, height-adjustable tables, and task chairs aren't effective unless your employees know how to use them correctly. Whether it's an on-site session after you get your new furniture or ongoing as part of an orientation process for new employees, let us shape a training program to suit your needs. We can even train your facilities representative on how to install and deinstall systems and moveable wall panels. 

Reconfigures & Moves Adds Changes Icons

reconfigures + moves/adds/changes

Looking to reconfigure an area? Need someone who knows how to organize a successful move? Moves and reconfigures can be extremely stressful, but with proper planning and communication, our expert group of Project Managers will see to it that your move goes off without a hitch.