Our approach to a project is what sets us apart from our competitors. While others may try to sell you the latest trendy products, encompas creates a solution tailored to you through a collaborative process that solves your workspace issues and supports your office interior goals. 




We do not make assumptions about your wants and needs, your company culture, or how your business functions. We start each project by listening to you to learn about your business, understand your goals, and discover who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Only then can we start to understand the needs of your office environment.



Our experience and passion gives us the ability to then interpret your needs through the lens of office interiors. We intertwine current product offerings from our 200+ manufacturer lines with workplace research and trends to communicate possible solutions to your office interior goals. We also advise you on how different designs and products could help you solve any issues in space planning, ergonomics, sustainability, LEED, audio or visual privacy, culture, & productivity to make your space the best it can be for your people.



Finally, we implement your solution. We hold ourselves accountable for making sure your project is installed on time, in budget, and with the utmost attention to quality. Our project leads and project managers triple check the accuracy of orders and specifications, the timeliness of truck delivery schedules, and the quality of installation to be on top of any issues that may arise and solve them quickly and painlessly. Our dedicated service team ensures that punch list and warranty items are taken care of immediately and continue to provide you with any necessary repairs and support long after the initial installation is complete.