Patty Buell - Accounting Manager - encompas

Patty Buell

Meet Patty, encompas sweetheart and resident care taker, whose smiling face is the first thing you'll see when you walk through our door.  Although she has a family of her own on whom she loves to dote, she spoils our team with equal fervor. With Patty there are two constants: if she is in the vicinity there will be fresh coffee available, and if there is a company event there will be her famous banana cake. Trust us, your life is not complete without her banana cake. Her giving nature permeates her work as well, visible in how she goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome and taken care of in our showroom. Patty has been with encompas for over thirty years, deeming her our most tenured employee.

HER GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: Being a great mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and caregiver. 

Patty's Contact Information
p (816) 285-6464
f  (816) 300-1123