John Crossley - IT Manager - encompas

John Crossley

Meet John, our Human Resources and IT Manager who keeps the encompas wheels turning. John has been with encompas for over 20 years and helps to implement the ever-changing new technologies and techniques to keep encompas growing. He graduated with an AS in Computers and Business, a BS in Telecommunications Management, and a Masters in Business Administration - so I guess you could say John knows a thing or two. Even when he is constantly interrupted throughout the day by us less-technologically-savvy people, he keeps his positive attitude because he truly enjoys helping people find solutions to their problems. His secret weapon, you might ask? He “speaks” to machines. (We hope that is figuratively.) If John isn’t at his desk or helping someone else at theirs, he will likely be found by the candy dishes or wherever there might be cookies.

FAVORITE BAND/MUSICIAN: Tobi Mac, Fleetwood Mac… basically anything with “Mac” in it.

John's Contact Information
p (816) 285-6465
f  (816) 300-1123