Herman Weist

A founding member of encompas and our resident architectural expert, Herman is a licensed architect who practiced for over 15 years before starting encompas. This background is invaluable in a day and time where a flexible and efficient workplace environment, including moveable walls, raised access floor and modular power, is essential for today's quick-change companies. Herman is an old-school problem solver and innovator; you will always see him hand sketching a new idea to help a customer achieve a better solution for the workplace. 

Herman is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ('85) and The University of Kansas ('89) and an avid fan of the Cornhuskers. He oversees our Omaha office which we think is just his convenient way of getting to Lincoln on gameday Saturdays.

HIS NOT-SO-HIDDEN TALENT: Telling terrible dad jokes.

Herman's Contact Information
(816) 285-6480
f (816) 300-1123
e herman@encompas.com
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