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Haley Stottlemyre

Although her title is Data Entry Specialist, a better description of Haley might be "company class clown." You can always count on her cheery sarcasm and random outbursts of Whitney Houston songs to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Her energy translates into her work too - she's a pro at wrangling necessary information out of people to swiftly place orders and keep projects moving.  Haley is equally successful at figuring out pricing discrepancies, and processing all warranty orders. You can often find Haley raiding Patty's candy drawer and guzzling coffee - which now that we think about it might be the sources of said energy.

PERSONAL MISSION IN LIFE: To save as many lost kitties and doggies that she sees on the side of the road as possible.

Haley's Contact Information
p (816) 285-6460
f  (816) 300-1123
e haley@encompas.com
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