Gallup, Inc. is an American research and consulting company that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. They operate 30 regional City Centers and collect data in over 160 countries to achieve their mission of creating extraordinary impact through analytics and advice.

Chicago, Illinois 

January 2017


Clune Construction

Tom Harris Photography

Over the past few years, Gallup has intentionally shifted their business focus towards offering exceptional training to their clients by providing intense in-house courses of useful content paired with a world-class hospitality experience. This approach was extremely successful in Gallup’s London City Center office, so when their Chicago lease approached expiration, they relocated and implemented this strategy in their new space.

Their Chicago City Center office is now located on the 23rd floor of the River Point office tower, offering gorgeous views of the skyline and the Chicago River. The space boasts a large front-of-house area for use by guests and employees alike. It includes a comfortable training room which can easily be partitioned into two rooms to accommodate multiple clients concurrently, as well as an open reception area with high-end café seating. This space was made possible by eliminating traditional private offices, moving all employees into an open office concept, and repurposing that square footage for a plethora of shared spaces.

The walkway leading towards the employee workstations is lined with booths on the exterior windows, which are some of the most popular seats in the house for both individual and group work. Their height-adjustable workstations are mostly assigned, with a few unassigned benching areas for travelling workers or visitors. Adjacent is a row of small focus rooms for individual privacy and many medium collaborative rooms equipped with A/V and video conferencing. By providing such a variety of spaces to accommodate all types of tasks and job functions, their office is the ideal work environment for their 35-40 employees.