There's so much to love about Arper. Their human-centered approach to design. Their products' elegant simplicity and versatility. Their stunningly unique product photography.

To celebrate our fondness of such a great brand, we've put together a list of our favorites from their product portfolio. Check them out below!

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"One of the great things about this chair is how scalable it is with so many material and base choices - I especially love the bi-color poly shell! Also, not many chair families do both indoor and outdoor models like the Catifa 46 does. It really helps when we need a consistent aesthetic."

-MARCO LADE, Omaha Project Lead

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"The simplicity and versatility of this chair makes it unstoppable. I love how the tablet arm version brings warmth and comfort to classroom settings, while the upholstered wood base version is perfect for "resimmercial" hospitality & dining areas. Basically, I just want eight of these to come home with me to go around my dining room table!

-ERICA BOATMAN, Marketing Coordinator

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"Duna02 has such a classic style while offering a really wide variety of modern base and finish options. I love how well it blends into almost any application!"

-JONNA RANN, KC Project Lead

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"I love the Saari's scalability. The 70CM model is perfect for guest seating.
Its stylish yet simple mix of hard and soft lines would be a great addition
to any space."

-WHITNEY THOMURE, KC Project Manager

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"I just want to run through a field filled with hundreds of these!"


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"I'm obsessed. Super, super cute and so comfy!"

-KELSIE JOYCE, KC Project Manager

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"It's the perfect chair to use in multiple ways throughout a space: the 5-star swivel base in a conference room, the wood base as a guest chair in a private office, the 4-leg or sled bases as stackers in a cafe - there's even 2, 3, and 4-seat bench options for a waiting room or airport!"

-ALICIA PELLEN, KC Project Manager

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"I love the soft angles and open feel of this lounge chair. It looks super inviting. And the beautiful cantilever base option makes this chair look more like a piece of art than a place to sit and rest."

-SARAH KESLER, KC Project Manager

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"It just has this pretty, clean style to it. And you can make it modular to fit any need."

-HEATHER KUTZ, Principal

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"Zinta is a perfect sectional sofa for a space that feels a little bit more relaxed, but still professional enough for workplace collaboration. It is best paired with a million brightly colored throw pillows."

-JULIE SAYERS, KC Sr. Project Manager

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“This chair collection is functional, diverse, and has a unique design aesthetic all wrapped into one. Use it inside or out, stack it away if needed, and add a little character to your space with its subtle nature-inspired design.”

-GINGER McCANDLESS, Omaha Project Lead

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"I've been looking for a pretty table that flips for my ENTIRE life. Also, it's ironic because I don't really eat meat."

-AMY WRIGHT, KC Sr. Project Manager

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"I love the multi-function of this product; it divides and defines space, reduces background noise, and has a really nice aesthetic."

-HEATHER SIEFER, Wichita Project Lead

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"It looks like a sophisticated, hand-made piece with a simple, clean design."

-SUSAN KIDD, KC Project Lead

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"I like the slim profile, and the upholstered seat pad which provides endless color options!"

-KIRA LUXON, Omaha Project Manager

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What's your favorite piece from Arper? Tell us below in the comments! 

And of course, if you have any questions or want more information about any Arper products, give me a shout at erica@encompas.com.