Christa Torneden - Project Manager - encompas

Christa Torneden

Though she seems soft-spoken and introverted when you first meet her, Christa is a firecracker just waiting to be lit. She excels at her unique role on our project management team, handling all of our detail-oriented government and civic projects and maneuvering her way through all the red tape of GSA contracts. She thrives when a project finally gets to its installation phase, meeting with the install team onsite to perfect the project. Her passions don’t stop there – she’s incredibly artistic, taking on airbrush art projects ranging from signage for Big Brothers Big Sisters events to motorcycle decals. A little irony is that her life motto is “Be happy and keep it simple,” though she’s far from simplistic!

CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: Her Great Dane, Dakota, who is about twice as large as her owner.

Christa's Contact Information
p (816) 285-6469
f  (816) 300-1123
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